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Lying in the centre of the Alps the Innsbruck University (UIBK) (Austria) is one of Austria’s comprehensive universities. Innsbruck University was founded in 1669 and has 15 faculties now. Most students come from the provinces of Tyrol and Vorarlberg, South Tyrol (Italy) and Germany.

Innsbruck University is trying to increase student exchanges in the field of European programmes and external dimension activities. Innsbruck University has a young but successful tradition of student and academic staff exchanges with partner countries in Europe and Third Countries. ECTS, Learning Agreements and Transcripts are used in all fields of studies to increase transparency and facilitate the organisation of study programmes.

Mobile students and academic staff in the Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window are offered the full range of advantages which have been developed in the course of other institutional mobility programmes. As a founding member of the university partnership networks ASEA-UNINET and Eurasia-Pacific-Uninet Innsbruck University has established procedures to integrate students from Third Countries in a typical European university setting.
Principally all subjects offered by Innsbruck University and envisaged by the programme are open for the mobility within the EM. Innsbruck University will try to offer personal advice as well as organisational and academic support for participants.
The University of Innsbruck sees itself as a bridge between the German and Romance speaking regions and has a unique expertise in the field of research into the people and environment of the Alpine Region. The University is open to national and international competition at all levels and has a global network covering 300 partner institutions, and encourages the mobility of researchers, teachers and students through its various networks and through its own exchange programmes.

The Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and on Tracks: Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium, 5th, VSD 2nd, Technical University, Vienna, Austria, Sept. 19-23, 1977
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by elkgroveatty

McGeorge has a Supreme Court Justice on faculty. From the website:
Justice Anthony M. Kennedy
Associate Justice, The Supreme Court of the United States
A.B., Stanford University
LL.B., Harvard University
Course: Fundamental Rights in Europe and the United States (Summer European Institute on International Legal Studies, Salzburg, Austria)
I think that, by your definition (which I disagree with) makes them prestigious.

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Structural failure, product liability and technical insurance: Proceedings of the second international conference held at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria, July 1-3, 1986
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M.A.S.S., Model Atmospheres and Stellar Spectra: 5th Vienna-Workshop: Proceedings of a Workshop Held at the Technical University, Vienna, Austria, 6-1 ... Society of the Pacific Conference Series)
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Machine perception applications: Proceedings of the IAPR TC-8 Workshop on Machine Perception Applications, Technical University Graz, Austria, 2-3 ... der Osterreichischen Computer Gesellschaft)
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