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Auto — check your computer for

Август 13, 2013

Auto - check your computer for

Auto- check your computer for malware detection is configured in Automatic verification of the content of which is shown in Fig . 8.9. If you want Windows Defender to automatically scan your computer at regular intervals , select the Automatically scan my computer (recommended). Note that if this option is off , then all the other options in this section are not available for editing. In the Frequency drop-down list to choose the frequency of automatic checks . This can be done as a day (this option is offered as the default ) and weekly — on the specified day of the week ( for example, if the drop-down list is set to Monday , the automatic computer check will be run every Monday). In the approximate time of the drop-down list to select the start verification. For example, if the Frequency is set to Monday, and in the approximate time — 15:00 value , the automatic check will start each day at 3 pm . In the Type drop-down list select the type of test — Quick Scan or Full Scan. In the first case, the check will be made ??relatively quickly, but it will affect only the main components , files, and system services . Full review involves a continuous scan of the entire contents of your computer , but it can take a long time . In general, the duration of both fast and complete inspection depends on several factors ( amount of installed software on your computer , speed and performance of your computer , etc.). Earlier we noted that immediately before testing is recommended to check for updates definitions ( signature database ) . But if you have enabled auto-check your computer, you can automate the preliminary check for updates — this section configure Automatic check box to install the Check for updated definitions before scanning . By default, this check box is selected . If you select Run checks only idle , the automatic computer check will be carried out only if there is no user activity (ie when the mouse and keyboard are dormant ) .

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