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Computer viruses Probably

Сентябрь 30, 2013

Computer viruses Probably , it

Computer viruses Probably , it is impossible today to meet the computer user who has not heard about computer viruses . These malicious programs in large numbers » represented » on the Internet , and their number is growing every day . Most worryingly, many distributors viruses are successfully used in the practice cutting-edge IT- industry — a result that should serve for the benefit of users , may ultimately turn out to have big problems. What does the term «computer virus» ? Many experts disagree on this point and offer different formulations . We assume that the virus — a malicious program that infiltrates the computer without the user’s knowledge ( although perhaps at his involuntary participation ) and performs certain actions destructive orientation, often who is able to multiply and self-propagating . The first computer virus was written in the early 80 — ies of the last century. Then it was not an attempt to hurt anyone , but made ??just out of interest . This virus writer is clearly not thought about the possible consequences : today several million known viruses, and their number is growing every day . What are the causes of viruses ? Once it was nothing more than a prank . Gradually, people who can write viruses began to apply their skills in practice , and viruses were created with specific goals . For example , an employee , who was forced to quit his job and considers himself aggrieved by a virus could » avenge » his former employer or colleagues. Incidentally, similar situations arise in the corporation Microsoft — there are cases where its former employees to create viruses, using their knowledge of vulnerabilities Windows operating system or office applications. Currently the world’s divorced a great many » virus writers .» Some of them are engaged in the creation and spread of viruses as a hobby , while others simply wish to make «all bad», others want revenge , fourth have very specific business objectives — steal information or money incapacitate networks , web resources , etc. .

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