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The term «blog» owes its

Март 9, 2014

The term

The term «blog» owes its origin to the English word «blog», which , in turn, derived from the word «web-log» ( literally — » log file «). Experienced computer users know that the log file — a file that contains information about all the events that occur during the operation of a program . He usually has the extension *. Log or *. Txt, and it automatically made the appropriate entries when the program starts , activation functions , operating modes , logout , etc. Blog is something like this: the user leaves it records it deems fit. It may be, for example , a private opinion about some socially significant events , personal look at some things , information about their plans , outlook , intentions , etc. First blogs in the modern sense of the word appeared in 1996 . It was then for them on the Internet began to be allocated special areas , and to simplify working with blogs there are special software . The rapid development of the blogosphere has led to the fact that in 1999 blogs have become seriously cramping market its main competitors , which is the home web page. And already in 2002, blogs have received what they were called the network a new genre of literature. After that, in some American ( and not only) universities began to teach students the art of blogging . Since 2004, their blogs have become famous people start : politicians, actors , singers, athletes , business leaders and others As evidenced by the results of the research, the number of blogs every six months increased almost twice . However, in fairness it should be noted that not all blogs are updated regularly. The most popular blog resources today are and As for the Russian Internet , it is possible to get your blog on,,,,,, and Familiarity with Here we tell you about the very first , and to date — the most popular blog resource — ( Fig. 6.3).