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Higher Education: Intimate Learning in a Remote Austrian Village

Global Learning: AustriaA mile high in the Tyrolean Alps, a tiny school uses technology to reach out to the wider world - and sheer pluck to keep teaching alive.

Eva Klingenschmid teaches with the kind of high dedication that seems perfectly appropriate for the school where she works, in the tiny village of Spiss, high on the steep slopes that flank the snow-capped peaks of the Austrian Alps.

She sits in front of a school bench, facing two first graders, Gina and Patricia. The girls are learning to read, and Klingenschmid shows them word cards, using a practice in which the students have to read the word as a whole, then continue as letters are blocked out one after another until only one is left.Global Learning: Higher Education -- Austria The teacher is soft spoken and attentive, which suits the situation: There are six other children in the very small classroom with cluttered bookshelves, maps, crayon drawings, and colorful decorations hanging from the ceiling. While Frau Lehrer - "Mrs. Teacher, " as she is respectfully addressed - talks to the two girls, the others work on their own on different subjects.

The methodology in this classroom in the Volksschule Spiss, a primary K-4 school, is a necessity: There are only eight children in the isolated village's school, and Klingenschmid, as the only full-time teacher, must instruct all grades with a system of short, direct teaching intervals in various subjects. "It works well because the group is small, " she explains as she signals two kids roaming the class to return to their places with a quick but determined wave of her hand. She laughs, saying, "Of course, a high degree of discipline is required to make all this work."

The teaching concept used in Spiss, called Kleinschule (small school), allows the survival of schools in remote places. The unhappy alternative would be seemingly endless bus rides for the kids from their mountain villages to the larger towns down in the valleys, and in the winter many of the mountain roads are dangerous, if not impassible. Spiss is a perfect example of the kind of place the Kleinschule system serves best: At an altitude of 5, 380 feet and with a total population of 140, it is officially the Austrian municipality with the highest elevation.

Global Learning: Higher Education -- AustriaNo More Trapped Families

It would be easy to imagine daily school life in Spiss in clichés: kids in lederhosen running down the hills, à la The Sound of Music, completely oblivious about the world beyond the mountains. But the reality today is quite the opposite. Now, the power of newly installed broadband Internet gives these young students access to the most up-to-date educational resources. In many respects, out of necessity, the curriculum and teaching methods seem to be more high tech than in larger schools.

Credit: Ricardo Herrgott

"I had to fight for the Internet with the school bureaucracy, " Klingenschmid says while proudly showing off her four workstations. DSL technology won't be available until later this year, so, for the moment, Klingenschmid has to hitch a ride on the high-speed line used by the municipal government, which shares a building with the school. The fact that the mayor's son attends the school might have helped her request, she says.

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Why does the left vigourously defend education??

by RweAllinsane

Our "educational system" which they defend so forcefully is broken beyond repair. Yet they scream that it needs more money. Just another few billion then it will what point do libs realize that they are throwing money down a black hole??
NEA needs to go!
Teachers unions need to agree to adjusting tenure requirements and performance pay!
Bullshit Masters of Teaching programs need to be reviewed and certified as real academic classes....right now it is just "pay the bill get the degree" and get your raise.
but MOST importantly, the issue libs will not address is the educational theory that our current system ius based on

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