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Windows Defender 7 — effective

Декабрь 9, 2013

Windows Defender 7 - effective

Windows Defender 7 — effective protection against spyware In the operating system, Windows 7 includes a program called Windows Defender and is designed to protect your computer from spyware software. With it, we met in this section. Functionality of Windows Defender are two ways to provide anti-spyware software. • Protection in real time. In this case, Windows Defender notifies the user that the computer attempts to install spyware or she already has , and intends to start performance . Similar informational message appears on the screen when any application tries to edit the important parameters of the operating system . • Scan your computer automatically. In this case, Windows Defender will search spyware that could penetrate a computer scheduling regular checkups , and automatic removal of spyware software found during scanning. Remember that the efficiency of Windows Defender is highly dependent on the availability of the latest versions of the definitions. In this case, the definition — it is , quite simply, the signature database containing information on constantly replenished potentially dangerous programs. Here we can draw an analogy with the antivirus databases used by antivirus programs. Using Windows Defender signature databases timely recognize the danger and gives the user the appropriate information message. Definitions update occurs automatically in the process of obtaining and installing operating system updates ( this was discussed in the previous section ) . You can also configure Windows Defender to search online for updated definitions immediately before the test ( how to set up the program , we describe below ), or manually run the check for updates when you see fit . CAUTION Note that Windows Defender will only provide protection against spyware software , and some of these malicious programs. It can not be used instead of the anti-virus program , such as the functions it is not mortgaged . As we noted earlier, Windows Defender supplied and installed Windows on your computer automatically when you install the operating system.

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