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Delete — If you select this

Январь 8, 2014

Delete - If you select this

• Delete — If you select this option for suspicious program will be immediately removed from the computer. Note that this option is best for the majority of malicious software, representing a high level of risk. • Quarantine — during a given value of the suspicious program will automatically quarantined . However, it will not be deleted from your computer , it will be completely neutralized . As for applications , representing medium and low level of danger for them than these options , there is also the option Allow. In this case, Windows Defender will ignore the application (ie, recognize it as harmless ) , and it can function normally. If the bottom of the section (see Fig. 8.10) checked Apply recommended actions , for all types of malicious software , regardless of the degree of danger posed , Windows Defender will apply the default option recommended action based on the definitions . Section sewn up in the real time mode setting of the program to protect your computer from malicious software online . This section includes three check boxes that are listed below. • Use security in real time (recommended) — When this option is turned on in the mode to protect your computer online . Note that the other parameters section are editable only when the present flag . • Checking the downloaded files and attachments — if set is selected, the Windows Defender will be on-line to check all already downloaded files and attachments . • Test performed on the computer — when this option is enabled , Windows Defender will check online all currently running applications . By default, all of the boxes are checked , that provides permanent protection for your computer in real time . In the deleted files and folders whose contents are shown in Fig. 8.11 , you can create an exclusion list . This list shall be made directories and files that Windows Defender scan in the verification process should not. This allows you to exclude from the scan objects , which certainly do not pose a risk , so you can reduce the duration of the audit . Fig . 8.11.