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This is not surprising — often

Июнь 1, 2013

This is not surprising - often

This is not surprising — often by the way made ??up a business letter , you can generate a certain (albeit tentative ) opinion on its sender . Here we look at the basic rules that govern the conduct of business correspondence . So what are the essential attributes should have a well-written business letter ? • The uniqueness of language and accuracy of presentation. Business letter should be clear and contain no ambiguity . • Consistency and brevity . The essence of the question should be arranged logically , consistently and concisely. Business letter should not contain any » lyrical digressions ,» etc. Also in a business letter is not allowed any expression (even positive ) emotions : for example, instead of your offer wonderful! Your proposal should write us completely satisfied . • Literacy . Errors in a business letter categorically unacceptable. Some modern email programs (eg , Outlook Express) allow you to check the spelling . Otherwise, you can pre- check business writing text editor MS Word, to correct any errors ( if any ), and paste text into an email . • Politeness and courtesy . Tone of a business letter should be friendly (but not in any way familiarity ) or neutral. Using slang , jargon , etc. words and expressions is strictly prohibited. The business letter must necessarily include a welcome statement of the subject matter and signature. Before you start creating a business letter , it is recommended to review and , if necessary — to add information as possible about yourself in the mode of setting up an account . In this case, the recipient e-mail message when you add the sender to your address book will have the information they need about it. When conducting business correspondence should be avoided whenever possible different kinds of cuts. For example, the signature of the two options -mail message : From SW. Petrov SA and Sincerely, Semen Aleksandrovich Petrov for business letters need to clearly choose the second option . Speaking of signature. forex программы форекс торрент. Циклодинон - форум пациентов с отзывами. вьетнамочки амфитамин курьер кокаин спб.